A Fiction, of a Fiction

​”If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats” -Richard Bach

         Sometimes we always get tired of our life that we just want to stop and take a rest. Ever thought of dying? Ever thought of ending your life just so every single voice you hear in your head would finally be silenced? Just so you could finally stop and take a break? I guess we all did think about that at least once in our lives.

          No matter how decent your life is, we still get stressed. No matter how you hide it, the truth always surfaces. The truth that, every single one of us just have this stupid masks to match our imperfect little lives.

To put it more simple, our life is full of imperfections. And the only way to get over this, is to make another reality ‘perfect’. Something we always do.

Think of good things or so. That’s just how things are. That’s also the only possible explanation on why we have these fairy tales and all sorts of fiction books and shows all around us. ‘IMAGINATION’ a virtual reality that we all share. A perfect reality in this world full of imperfections. Fiction.

All the things that we wish we had, and all the awful things we see in this world, are all transformed into an art called ‘fiction’ to get over all the imperfections of this silly little world. What we don’t have in reality, that we wish we do have, we write it and imagine to have it in another reality. And that’s what fiction is. That’s the power of the human mind.

Given the fact that, fiction always tend to be perfect, then if you are to choose between imperfection and perfection what would you choose? we always tend to pick what’s perfect right? That’s human nature. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have made these perfections despite all the imperfections around us.

Since we always get attracted to perfection, some of us tend to fall in love with fictional characters. I guess that’s just how it is. They’re just too perfect. Too perfect to even exist..

But what if they did exist? If you could even meet a fictional character and have the chance to have them be part of your life what would you do then? Who would that be? Some ‘what if’ questions that seems to be so interesting and so perfect to imagine that you can’t seem to brush it off your mind.

Well having met all kinds fictional character in the fiction world, I could say that it seems to be too hard to pick one. I want to meet them all. Those cool and amazing stories behind each and every character. I just can’t seem to be able to choose one. And they’re too many to mention too. But the thing is, this is my story so who cares? I might as well do as I please since this piece is also a work of my own imagination.

          I want to meet Paul, and the Professors who invented the firebird.It’s a time traveling device, that was made due to the quantum theory regarding multiverse, and how a quantum reality consists of a set of possibilities.

Then next is I want to meet Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), and Ichijou (Parasyte). The ones who taught me the lengths of how far an individual would go, just to satisfy their own greed, and also to protect the ones important to them. And well, many more. Though I’d really settle for Kaneki.

At the end of the day, these fictional characters are not just part of our imaginations, they’re also part of who we are. They play a crucial part in the person that we want to be. These fictional characters can affect our judgements. They made us feel different kinds of emotions, never felt within the real world. They taught us lessons never taught in schools. They taught us to be who we are. If given the chance to meet one, who would yours be?


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