In japan they believe that every individual have three faces. The one that we show the world, the one that we show our friends and family, and lastly the one which we keep to ourselves. The one that nobody knows..
Nobody knows that I’m a part time hero and a part time villain. Everyone sees me as a normal teenage girl, but I guess we all have our own secrets right? A dark side, and the good side. The thing is, I’m neither. Everyone focuses on who’s white and who’s blacck.What they don’t notice are the gray areas. Well that’s me.

You see we need to play like everything’s okay, but the thing is we all are fighting a battle which no one knows of. I’m a villain for destroying others and also myself. There are just those times when you do something out of emotions without really thinking about it. I’m a villain for causing them pain. I’m a villain for killing them, enough for them to turn into a monster I never knew of.

However I’m also a hero. I’m a hero for saving them. Saving them from more pain that they might experience when they continue to be with me. Saving them in a sense that even I myself would die in doing so. Saving them in a sense of breaking inside, but still listening to their problems and give them the warmest smile I can. I’m a hero for rescuing them from the darkness that my other half is experiencing. I’m a hero simply because I don’t want them to experience the pain that I’m experiencing.
These are just some of the faces which I keep to myself and some which I let the society see. In the end, life still goes on without the knowledge of someone dying from the inside. Life still goes on without someone knowing who you truly are. Life goes on, and I too should keep going.. I too, should keep smiling.


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