One Place I’ll Never Text


Technology has indeed progressed so much that communication and other ways of life was taken into another level. Right now we have phone and messaging apps that helps us communicate and reach out to other people. Technology has made our lives easy, however at some point we should also know our limits too.cellphone-620.jpg

In the present time, you would always see people walking around with their phones, texting or calling someone. Of course right now, it’s already one of the norms in society. There isn’t a person not owning a cellphone, and if there is one, well that’s pretty rare. My point is, texting is brought to us by the continuous improvements of technology and almost everyone uses this. We enjoy its works and uses which is why at some times we get too engrossed with it that we even use our phones to text someone even if we are in class or so.


And I guess that’s the point. Because texting and using of phones are so normal, we fail to do it in the right place and time. We can text anywhere and at any time. Which is why in any place we go, we see people texting and walking around with their phones. There isn’t a limit on where you can use your phone or where you are allowed to text. Moreover, even if there are limits, we still disregard it because of our need to text someone. However, I believe that each one of us have this one place wherein we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted or be disrespectful, that even if someone or something really important came up, we just couldn’t have ourselves texting in that particular place. As a millennial I believe we need to have self control when it comes to the usage of technology and I think that a place wherein you would never text is a good start for someone  trying to control herself, specially when texting had already become a bad habit.


Okay so I guess the place that I will never text in is the church. I believe it is a holy place which needs to be respected in all means. It’s peaceful and solemn that I find myself enjoying instead of having the urge to text. And even if I have something really important coming up, I still pay respect when I’m inside the church which is why I’d wait until the service is done. I guess that proves that not everyone can just text anywhere though. So how about you? What’s the one place you’ll never text?1010-54 039.jpg


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